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Full-Size Premium automatic - Royan

Rental agency Europcar Royan
4.7   -  870 Customer Reviews

Full-Size Premium automatic

Lexus ES300H

Full-Size Premium automatic
  • Driving License 5 years
  • 5
  • 5
  • Hybrid, Unleaded or Diesel
  • Automatic transmission

Vehicle presentation

Powerful engine, driving comfort, smart design and automatic transmission safety ... The full-size premium automatic car is the ideal car for long family or business trips.

👉 Understand everything on the automatic transmission for a top driving experience !

Car equipment

  • Hybrid, Unleaded or Diesel
  • Automatic shift
  • Air conditioner
  • Speed regulator
  • On-board computer
  • Integrated GPS
  • Bluetooth and/or USB port
  • Parking assistance
  • Driving assistance
  • Automatic lighting of the headlights
  • Isofix fixings on the rear seats
  • Folding bench seat

Rental conditions

  • Driving license 5 years

Your car rental Cars in Royan

Rental agency Europcar Royan

13 place Docteur GantierGare SNCF, 17200 ROYAN
4.7   -  870 Customer Reviews
Stéphane Pinson
Stéphane Pinson Manager Europcar Royan
Stéphane Pinson Manager Europcar Royan

Informations about this car rental agency

Opening hours

  • Monday to Friday : 8am-7pm
  • Saturday : 8am-12am and 2pm-6.30pm

Agency services

  • Departure and Return 24/24 (on request)
  • Your vehicle delivered at home within a 25 km radius of the agency (on request)
  • Free "shuttle" service (on request) : during opening hours and by a simple phone call, your Europcar agency picks you up for free at the marina or at Medis airport.
  • Young driver rental (preferential rate student)
  • One-Way rental with repatriation of the vehicle

Access details

In front of the Railway Station

Nearest Gas and Charging stations

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