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3 questions about your satisfaction

How do you rate your customers' satisfaction ?

For our quality approach, we monthly call our customers to understand what led to trust us.
We ask them about : 

  • Our rental service (booking facilities, agency home, speed of formalities),
  • Our agencies (accessibility, friendliness...),
  • Our offer (state of the vehicles, range of vehicles to rent, prices...).

Quantified results ?

Yes ! Besides these calls, we ask our customers to rate their satisfaction, giving us a note from 0 to 10 and leaving a comment.
You can read all these customers' reviews on the page of the Europcar Atlantique agency of your choice.

What lessons do you draw from these surveys ?

Results are very instructive. I read them with lot of attention. Thanks to them, we can value our agencies and detect our progress points in order to set up some corrective actions. 

Anne Guérin
Responsible Quality and Environment

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