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Electric cars : how to use

Europcar Atlantique answer to all your questions for a great experience

Do I need to charge the battery before return ?


Electric vehicles are provided with a battery charged at 80% minimum. Bringing back the car, you've got 3 options : 

  1. You buy your electric charging before departure subscribing the Full Tank Option for 35€. Don't worry about the level of the battery when you bring back the car,
  2.  You return the vehicle with a battery charged at 80% minimum and you've no extra to pay.
  3. You return the vehicle with a battery charged at less than 80%. We'll charge you of 9€ per 100 km missing + Service charge of 12€
    ex : Your rent a Citroën ë-C4 and bring it back with only 20% of autonomy.
    We charge you of 60% to reach the expected 80%.
    Manufacturer's autonomy announced for this model : 350 km
    Missing kms :  210 km (60% of 350 km)
    You'll have to pay : 30.90€ (210 x 9€/100 + 12€ for service charges = 30,90€

⚡ Can we trust the autonomy annouced by the car manufacturers ?

Don't be surprised. The true autonomy is lower than the autonomy given by the manufacturer (between 350 et 600kms depending on the models). The difference depends of your driving mode, the equipment used (heating, air conditioning, radio...), and the type of road (highway, city).
Remember the 50/80 rule. In the worst case scenario (ex : cold, highway), the true autonomy will be 50% of the announced autonomy. In the best case scenario, it will be 80%.

Autonomies mentionned by car manufacturers :

  • Ford e-Transit 10 & 12m3 = 200 km (VS 317 km autonomy announced by the manufacturer)
  • Peugeot e-208 = 210 km (VS 450 km)
  • Fiat 500e = 190 km (VS 320 km)
  • Renault Zoé = 190 km (VS 380 km)
  • Peugeot e-2008 = 160 km (VS 320 km)
  • Opel Mokka-e = 160 km (VS 320 km)
  • Citroën ë-C4 = 160 km (VS 350 km)
  • Opel Corsa-e = 140 km (VS 350 km)

⚡ Where can I find charging station ?

You can find charging stations everywhere in France on the dedicated apps (Chargemap or Shell Recharge).
Anticipate your charging breaks ! With Chargemap app, you can plan your roadmap in advance. You fill in your destination, and the app shows you the charging stations where you need to stop, and the charging time. So easy !

⚡ Do you need a pass to recharge ?

On some charging stations yes. To make your life easier, we make available the Shell Recharge charging card free which gives you access to the most important charging station network.
It's very easy :

  • You download for free the Shell Recharge app and create your account to activate the card.
  • At the charging station, you present your pass to charge. You are debited directly.
  • On the app, you can visualize your sum up (charging time, consommation, price, CO2 savings...)

⚡ How to recharge ?

The electric can be recharge on public charging station or on household plug directly at home. The 2 charging cables are in the car trunk. Your Europcar agent explains you everything at the car pick-up

⚡ What is the charging time ?

It depends on the electric network and the type of charging station. For a full recharge, count on average 2h30 on fast charging station and 18h mini on household plug.
Our tip : recharge as soon as you can. You will save time on charging !

    ⚡ How much does it costs ?

    For 100kms of recharge, count an average of 3€ on household plug (electricity cost) & between 5€ and 14€ on charging station (depending on the type). Prices are available on apps (Chargemap, Shell Recharge)

        ⚡ Any tips to save the electric car autonomy ?

        • Adopt a smooth driving (Reduce speed. Use the engine brake. Anticipate red lights and roundabout). 
        • Use sparingly the energv consumer equipement.
        • Favour the ECO mode

        ⚡ What are the specificities to know ?

        • Silence : At the start and using, you will not hear any sound. The car computer tells you if the car is running.
        • Automatic transmission : The B mode activates the regenerative braking (when not accelerating, the deceleration is stronger than with a classic transmission).

        --> Discover here our video tutorials for a fantastic electric experience !

        Recharge at home, on public charging station, automatic transmission shift or even eco-driving, we tell you everything !


        I had never try an electric car when the agency offered me to test the Renault Zoe. I decided to give it a try. I have discovered a whole new driving experience, comfortable and quiet.

        Déborah E.