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Security and privacy policy

Auto 44 is a subsidiary of SEPAMAT group. It uses the group's Security and Privacy Policy.

SEPAMAT undertakes to process your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) and Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 amended relating data processing, files and freedoms ("Informatique et Libertés" Law); which define under which processing of personal data may be implemented.

Any information collected on this website that would allow indentifying you, either directly or indirectly, is considered as personal data, and will be treated in accordance with this policy. 

I. Who processes your personal data collected through this website ?

SEPAMAT, whose registered office is located at 310 route de Vannes - BP 30915 - 44703 Orvault cedex 03 - France, is the data controller of your personal data. 

SEPAMAT SAS is the parent company of a group developing rental activities in short and long terms (Europcar Atlantique on a franchise, Loc Eco, Formule LLD), car-sharing (marguerite) and fleet services (Formule). AUTO 44 SAS gathers rental activities. 

II. For what purposes does SEPAMAT collect your personal data ?

The personal data collected on our website are used for the following purposes : 

a. Create your account and provide you with an ID.

This processing is necessary to identify you and to prepare and facilitate your future bookings and rental contracts.

b. Manage your reservation and your rental contract :

  • to confirm and guarantee your booking ;
  • to modify or cancel your booking ;
  • to exchange with you in relation to your booking and leasing (e.g. to provide you with information on your booking, to send you reminder notice before your check-in/check-out, to respond to your questions or suggestions);
  • to manage your leasing (check-in / check-out of the vehicle) ;
  • to manage your invoices ;
  • to manage the recovery or amounts due ;
  • to manage the potential claims ;
  • to manage the potential recovery of compensation for damage to the vehicle ;
  • to manage your car insurance ;

This processing is necessary for the management of your booking and the preparation of the rental contract.

c. Manage your payment of products and services.

This processing is necessary to allow the exceution of the rental contract.

d. The improvement of Europcar Atlantique products/services on the basis of customer surveys you have completed.

This processing is based on our legitimate interest in gaining a better understanding of our customers' needs and offering you customized functions to enhance your experience of products and services.

e. The operation of live web chat to provide you a preliminary online assistance.

This processing is based on our legitimate interest in aiming at creating more proximity and establishing a closer relationship with you by notably answering more quickly to your questions.

f. Conduct commercial prospecting and marketing activities, namely : 

  • the sending of email and SMS notifications for special promotions/deals ;
  • the recording of your rental history to suggest you preferred products/services when looking for new booking/rentals  ;
  • the recording or your rental history to send you commercial messages, to send you special offers, to make you benefiting from special advantages depending on the frequency of your orders ;
  • the sending of emails related to a booking you did not complete or send you a summary concerning a booking enquiry ;
  • the management of your loyalty program and membership card ; 
  • the organisation of promotional contests and sweepstakes ; 
  • the management and update of Europcar Atlantique customers / prospects database ;

Direct marketing processing activities, i.e. any commercial message aiming at promoting SEPAMAT products and services, are subject to your express consent.
By exeption, if you are already an existing customer and that the message concerns similar products or services to those you have already pruchased, the underlying processing at promoting these products and services will not be based on your consent but on our legitimate interest.

g. The management of fines, in particular :

  • to transfer to the Agence Nationale de Traitement Automatisé des Infractions the identity of the main driver mentioned in the rental contract ;
  • to satisfy with the procedures for the recovery of fines to which SEPAMAT is subject with regard to the French and foreign authorities and the corresponding invoicing ;

This processing is required by law.

h. Managing and updating a list of customers with certains contractual risks, with regard to :

  • payment incidents resulting in legal proceedings ;
  • traffic accidents or repeated damages caused by a SEPAMAT customer ;
  • accidents or damages caused voluntarily by a SEPAMAT customer  ;
  • the use of SEPAMAT vehicles in violation of the general conditions of car rental.

This processing is based on our legitimate interest and aims to reduce SEPAMAT's exposure to risks during the execution of the lease agreements. If you appear on this list of at-risk customers, your reservation or rental request will be rejected. Under certain conditions, you will be able to contest this decision by contacting

i. Geolocation 

The geolocation of the rental vehicles intervenes in certain specific cases only - the prevention of the potential infrigements, the fight against the cases of theft and fraud, the verification of the number of kilometers traveled and the obtaining of a state of the vehicle in case of emergency. This processing is based on the respect of a legal obligation and the execution of the lease contract.

III. Who are the data recipients of the personal information we collect about you ?

Categories of recipients

Your personal data will be disclosed, as necessary/relevant, to :

a. To employees and authorized representatives of SEPAMAT ;

b. To employees and representatives of Europcar France, franchise network companies, agents or intermediaries appointed by Europcar France ;

c. To agencies and services providers, including IT for technical purposes in order to help SEPAMAT to provide you with its products and services ;

The main IT service providers are :

  • 6TM, for development and maintenance of business applications as well as for the maintenance and support of uses of these systems ;
  • DoList, for the automation of marketing services ;
  • Sales Force, for commercial prospecting between professionals ;
  • Hipay, for payment on the website ;
  • Oceanet Technology, for data hosting and business applications ;
  • iAdvize, for the live web chat ;
  • Guest Suite, for the collection and the diffusion of customers reviews ;
  • Reynolds and Reynolds, for the information system ;
  • Google Inc. for tracer and cookie management.

d. Regarding the information processed for the payment of fines, to the Agence Nationale de Traitement Automatisé des Infractions in case of contraventions committed abroad ;

e. Regarding the information processed for the purpose of the management and update of a watch list of customers presenting certain contractual risks to the rental division of the Conseil National des Professions de l'Automobile; with a view to their mutualisation among the member companies of this rental division.

SEPAMAT may also disclose your personal data to the extent required by law and/or by the competent authorities.

International transfers (outside the EU)

Depending on the case, certain recipients may be located in countries which have been recognized by the European Commission as ensuring an adequate level of data protection or in countries which has not been recognized as ensuring such a level of protection.
In any case, SEPAMAT has put in place appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data, in compliance with the GDPR.

IV. Who are our partners ?

We are associated with renowned third parties to offer you a variety of travel services. All travel services offered on our website by a third party are described as following. Although we only work with renowned third parties, our business partners may have different policies of each of them to inform you about how they collect, process and transfer your information. Here is the list of our partners:
BNP Paribas
Banque Française Mutualiste
Comiteo CE
Fédération Nationale des Sapeurs-Pompiers de France
CE Multi avantages
Les Collectionneurs
Louvre Hotels Group
Fnac Darty
Simply Move
Leroy Merlin
La Mutuelle Générale
Aéroport de Paris
Une Pièce en Plus
Rêves de Gosses
Solidarité Sida
Miles & More
Flying Blue
Accor Hotel
Emirates SkyWard
Air Berlin Top Bonus
Privilege Club
Air Europa
Air Caraibes
BSP Auto
Auto Europe
Car Rentals

V. For what period will SEPAMAT retain to your personal data ?

PurposeRetention period
Creation of the account, management of the bookings and the leasing contractsFor the duration of the commercial relationship. However, information that may evidence a right or a rental agreement, or that must be kept in compliance with a legal requirement, may be subject to an intermediate archiving policy for a period of time that does not exceed the time that is necessary for the purposes for which it is kept.
PaymentUpon effective completion of the payment.
Improvement of products and services according to your preferences3 years as from the end of the relationship with the person.
Operation of live web chat3 years as from the end of the relationship with the person.
Promotional and marketing activitiesFor the customers : 3 years as from the end of the relationship with Europcar Atlantique
For prospects : 3 years from the collection of personal data or from the last contact from the prospect.
Payment of finesFor the time necessary to identify the driver (or the potential driver) liable for the infraction leading to the fine, which cannot exceed 45 days after receipt of the fine. However, relevant information may be retained for a longer period of time after receipt of the ticket, as part of an interim archiving policy.
Requests from Agence Nationale de Traitement Automatisé des infractions including personal information are deleted once these requests have been proceeded.
Management and update of a blacklist of customers presenting certain contractual risks3 years as from the occurrencee of the relevant event.
Use of Europcar vehicle in breach general terms and conditions for rental of vehicles5  years as from the occurrence of this event.

VI. What rights can you exercise with respect to the processing of your personal data ?

In accordance with the GDPR, you can also benefit from the following rights : 

  • Right to access : the right to obtain confirmation that your personal data are or are not processed and, where necessary, to access such personal data ;
  • Right to rectification : right to obtain rectification of inaccurate personal data or the right to have incomplete personal data completed ;
  • Right to erasure : right to obtain the deletion of your personal data in certain circumstances ;
  • Right to object : at any time, the right to the processing of your personal data for certain situations ;
  • Right to limitation : the right to request the limitation of processing in certain cases ;
  • Right to data portability : the right to receive personal data that you have provided in a structured format, usually machine-readable, and to communicate it to a third party.

You can exercise any of these rights : 

  • by post at SEPAMAT - 310 route de Vannes - BP 90315 - 44703 ORVAULT cedex 03 - France
  • by email to the DPO :

If you feel, after contacting us, that your rights are not respected, you have the possibility to file a complaint with the CNIL.

VII. Update of this policy

This privacy policy has been published on 25/10/2018. In case of changes to this policy, you will be informed on this page.

VIII. Cookies

When you visit our website, a certain amount of data is deposited on the hard disk of your comptuter. These are cookies.
Cookies and other similar technologies are tracing programs stored on your device that allow us to recognize you. 
These are different types of cookies : 

  • Essential cookies : these cookies are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of our website - without these cookies, you could not use our website ;
  • Functional cookies : these cookies are used to give you access to certain features of our website, to facilitate and improve your browsing experience and the selection of products and services ;
  • Analytics cookies : these cookies are used to analyze how customers use their website to improve their quality and navigation ;
  • Advertising cookies : these cookies are used to measure the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns in the media.
Name of the cookiePurpose Data retention period
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