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Rental conditions

You must have held a driving licence for more than one year. For our high-end vehicles, a 3-or-7-years driving license id required.

You followed the acompanied driving training ? You can rent a vanan economic car or a compact car as soon as you get your driving license. In this case, you have to book directly in your Europcar branch and show your certificate of acompanied driving.

You must be at least 18 years old.  
If you are under 25, you'll need to take out a "Young driver" insurance. 

No. All you need is a simple B category driving licence to drive all our vans and trucks.

Yes, it is completely possible. During the online booking, specify the nomber of additional drives in the QUOTE step. Remember to show the driving license(s) at the start of the rental. 

If you have subscribed to our Véhicule Idéal loyalty offer, the second drive is free.

Booking online

Book online and anticipate as much as possible ! At Europcar Atlantique, the further in advance you book, the cheaper it is. Moreover, by going through our website, you are sure to benefit from our best prices.

And for the most faithfull, there is Véhicule Idéal ! The subscription offer made in Europcar Atlantique that makes you save from 20 to 30% on all your rentals, all year long. Your only commitment : rent at least 25 days within the next 12 months.

More informations about Véhicule Idéal

When you simulate a price on our website, you are not always able to book immediately. And our prices can change at any time. 

We recommend you to download a quote in the recap step (or send it to yourself by email). It freezes the price for 24 hours, the time for you to make a decision. Your quote is stored in your customer area and you can finalize your booking online.



Normally, the category is guaranted but not the model.

However, you can take out the insurance "Model guarantee" on a part of the vehicle range so that you can get exactly the model you want.

No problem ! Make the reservation creating the account with the driver's informations (not yours) and then, you pay the rental online with your own credit card.

The day of departure, the driver will have to show his own credit card for the deposit (not charged).

Yes, excepted American Express, Maestro and Electron cards.

As in the airline or hotel industry, our public prices fluctuate dependind on the period or availability. It may be that in certain (rare) periods, the face public price is actually more economical.

Warning ! The prices offered to individuals on our website are valid if you book online and pay by credit card. Ankd the options (additionnal driver, insurance, delivery, recovery...) are calculated at the public rate, always more expensive than your negociated rate.

Cancellation and change

You can change or cancel your booking :
- Online (My bookings) until 24 hours in advance
- Or whenever you want in your departure agency


If you cancel less than 48 hours before departure, the amount of the rental will be fully refunded on the credit card used for the booking.

After that time, you will be charged of 60€ or 120€ (depending on the category of the vehicle).

The website recalculates the amount of your rental with the price of the day.
Then you'll have to pay the complement of the price online.
In case you payed too much, your agency will charge you back at the end of your rental.

Insurances and excess

- compulsory Civil Liability cover for damage caused to third parties 
- damage (CDW) and theft (TW), which reduces your liability to the amount of the excess.

In case of damage, the following are not included: 

- use of vehicle by a person not designated in the contract 
- use of vehicle in a country not authorised by Europcar or the insurance company 
- glass breakage and tyres: puncture, broken windscreen, windows, driving mirror, front and rear headlights (unless this option is covered specifically) 
- misstatement
- misjudgement of vehicle's load capacity: impacts to upper body, rocker panel areas and underbody 
- fuel type error 
- use of trailer with an unauthorized gross vehicle weight 
- use for the transportation of paying passengers, auto races, transportation of hazardous materials or driving under the influence of alcohol, or of substances likely to impair the reflexes necessary for driving
- failure to submit the Car accident report form within 48 hours following the accident. 

In case of theft, the following are not covered: 

-Complaint deposition out of delay or non given.
-Europcar keys unreturned (excepted in case of burglary or aggression)

Yes, passengers are covered by Civil Liability even in the event of a responsible accident.
The excess depends of the vehicle hired. You can see the amount on the QUOTE page.

You have two options to reduce or cancel the excess :
- The Medium Pack « Reduced Excess» reduces significantly the excess (ex : 490 € instead of 1400 € for an economy car 3 doors). 
- The Total Pack « Zero Excess » (standard vehicles) or "Super-reduced Excess" (luxury cars) is only proposed if you are 26 years old at least.

These two options also include the insurance « Driver and People on board » and « Glass breakage and tyres ». You can take them at the booking (page QUOTE) or directly at the departure.

See the details of the excess

At the departure

Yes, you can rent 24/24 in some agencies, paying an extra (depending of the hour you asked for). A Europcar agent will open the agency for you.
This service can be booked directly online.

Just show us the driving licence of the driver or drivers concerned and a credit card with your own name (excepted American Express, Electron and Maestro cards).
If you booked online, we already have all your personal informations. Your contract is ready and the formalities are reduced.

Yes. A deposit of 500€ will be asked you at the departure.
It is just a pre-payment authorisation. It will not be charged.
This deposit aims to cover any additional costs during the rental.

Check the condition of the vehicle inside and out. If you notice any anomalies not stated in the "Vehicle condition" data sheet, report them to your branch before you leave.
Check that the tank is full or the battery charged at 80% minimum.

During the rental

The so-called "free-flow" tools allow you to drive on the motorway without having to stop to pay. No barrier, nos slowdown. These are gates that automatically detect your registration number each time you pass. 

Warning, "free-flow" do not mean "free" !

To pay your trip, you have 72h max.
2 options for you :

  • the payment onlin on
    only fill in the registration number of your vehicle
  • the paiement at one of the dedicated terminals made available along the motorway.

After this 72-hour period, a compensation fee up to €90 will be applied in extra to the amount of the toll.

From now, only the A79 is concerned but this system should extend to several major motorways in France in the next years.

- Check tire pressure regularly. Our teams are commited to check the level of tire pressure before each rental;

- Adopt a smooth ride. Indeed, by driving smoothly and anticipating possible slowdowns, you can reduce your fuel consumption by up to 40%! So, we avoid over-revving and we don't forget to switch to a higher gear before 2000 rpm;

- Travel light. The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it consumes;

- Limit air conditioning and heating. To be used only if necessary and preferably on short journeys.

You must inform your agency immediately. 
In the glove compartment of your vehicle, you will find a car accident report form. This must be completed and sent to your agency within 24 hours.

Contact our 24/24 assistance team. You'll find the telephone number on the keys of your rental car.

Your insurance will not cover you for driving in every country. Before hiring a vehicle, please refer to article 1 of the General Rental terms and conditions.

In accordance with article 9 of our Rental Terms and Conditions, you are liable for :

  • fines related to the use of the rental vehicle. We are obliged to send your personal data to the competent authority, which will send you the fine within 2 to 10 weeks. As soon as you receive the fine, you must pay the fine directly to the Public Revenue Office..
  • processins costs (25€ including tax), corresponding to our (very time-consuming) administrative management of fines.

At the return

Take a detailed inventory with a Europcar agent. Sign and hand in the "Vehicle condition" data sheet.
Return the vehicle's keys and any accessories (child seat, GPS, removal trolley, etc.).
You have nothing to pay, excepted if there are any supplements not foreseen at the booking (extra kilometers, fuel or electric charging…).

Thermal vehicles are provided to you with a full tank.
Electric vehicles are provided to you with a battery charged at 80% minimum.

Bringing back the car, you've got several options : 

  • 1. At the start of the rental, you pre-purchase your tank (or refill) by subscribing to the FTO option (Full Tank Option). On the way back, you don't worry about the fuel (or battery) level ;
  • 2. You return the vehicle to the agency with the tank full
    Or with the same level of charge in case of an electric car (80% minimum)
  • 3. You return the vehicle not full or less than 80% charged (in case of an electric rental). We charge you at the following prices (prices on novembre 16th, 2023) :

    Fuel vehicles :
    Amount communicated by the counter agent

    Electric vehicle :
    Flat rate : 25€ TTC
Do not panic ! Contact your rental agency to agree on how you can collect it (passing in the agency, delivery, etc.). If we have identified that you are the owner of an object found in a vehicle, we will notify you by email or telephone.

For your comfort, our Europcar Nantes Railway Station and Nantes Airport agencies have digitized the management of lost objects with the PeeK'in application!
Many mobile apps allow you to find the most economical gas station closest to your area. We recommend, for example, the Fuel Flash application downloadable from the App Store or Google Play. Websites also allow you to compare the different petrol stations, such as the website
Yes, but you need to inform your us at the booking. 
Please note ! It is always cheaper to return the vehicle at the same agency. Try to compare prices simulating an estimate online for a "One way" and a "Return journey”.

Yes, the service "return 24/24" is available in some agencies, paying an extra of 15€ VAT. In that case, you'll have to leave the keys in a secure box and a Europcar agent will come to take them out. Caution! You remain responsible for the vehicle until the opening of the agency.

This service can be booked online.

You will get your invoice by email if your rental has already been payed (refuelling, extra kilometers...). Just ask for it at your agency.
If not, you will receive it by mail under 72 hours with your credit card receipt.

Véhicule Idéal rental subscription

Véhicule Idéal is the Europcar Atlantique subscription offer. You can benefit if you plan to rent at least 25 days (consecutively or not) in the next 12 months in our Europcar Atlantique agencies.

Depending of the chosen formula (25, 50 or 100 rental days), you benefit from a discount of 20, 25 or 30% in all our agencies and on the entire range of Europcar Atlantique vehicles. Your discount also applies to options, insurance and accessories.

Other exclusive benefits await you, such as priority agency service, free second driver, etc.

All about Véhicule Idéal

Véhicule Idéal allows you to register a second driver for free on your subscription. Don't forget to send us his driver's license (at the time of registration or later).
Nothing. With Véhicule Idéal, no membership fees or security deposit on registration.

It is very easy ! Registration is done online or in the agency, at the same time as your first vehicle booking. Bring your driver's license and ID with you.

  • On the home page, complete the rental form. The website immediately calculates the standard price and the prix with the Véhicule Idéal discount.
  • If you continue your booking with the Véhicule Idéal price, you will have to accept online your commitment (rent at least 25 days in the next 12 months) et the Véhicule Idéal's membership conditions.
  • You will receive by email the confirmation of your booking and your Véhicule Idéal contract in pdf.
Yes. We strongly advise you to anticipate your Véhicule Idéal booking as much as possible.
By booking early, you are sure to get the best price and availability especially on specific vehicles.
Your consumption statement is available online, in your customer space. It details all your billed rentals, the mileage travelled, the number of days rented and the remainder to be consumed before the end of your contract.
If at the end of the contract, you did not use all the day planned in your formula, each missing day will be re-invoiced to you 35€ including tax.
You continue to benefit from the preferential rate of your formula until the end of your commitment.

If you rent more than expected, you can switch to a higher formula at any time and immediately benefit from a more advantageous discount. 2 options :

  • Modify your formula online (in your customer space). This is possible as long as the minimum number of days is reached before the deadline.
  • Contact your agency.

Yes, and you'll love it !

Talk about Véhicule Idéal to your friends, neighbors, colleagues...

For each new subscription from you, we offer you 50€ towards your next rental,
and your sponsor benefits from an immediate 50€ discount on his first reservation online.

To sponsor, it's very easy :

Moreover, the offer is not limited, so sponsor without counting and benefit from 50€ with each new membership !

Range of vehicles

The 22 m3 model with rear hatch lift is the ideal moving van. It comes equipped with an electrically operated lift at the back which is activated by a simple remote control to help load and move your furniture, electrical household goods and heavy loads. All you need to drive it is a simple light vehicle (LV) licence.

To make your removal easier, we recommend our "Removal kit" (Trolley, Crate, Straps and Covers) and Removal boxes. Remember to book it at the same time as your truck.

We have a large range of Utility vehicles: Moving vans, 2-seater Company Cars, Dumper trucks, Fridge vans, Double-Cabs. With hatchback, tow gear or roof rack …
See utility range

3 options:
- Refer to the detailed description of each utility vehicle (volume, size, etc.)
- Calculate your load online using the utility volume simulator.
- Describe your load to your car hire branch and they will be able to advise you.

An electric car is powered by a specific engine with an electric battery. An hybrid car is powered by two engines : an electric one and a combustion engine.

Autonomy maximum announced by car manufacturers :

- Fiat 500e = 320 km
- Renault Zoé = 380 km
- Peugeot e-208 = 450 km
- Opel Corsa-e = 350 km
- Peugeot e-2008 = 320 km
- Opel Mokka-e = 320 km
- Citroën ë-C4 = 350 km
- Hyundai Kona = 305 km

The true autonomy is lower than the autonomy given by the manufacturer (between 350 et 600kms depending on the models). The difference depends of your driving mode, the equipment used (heating, air conditioning, radio...), and the type of road (highway, city).

Find more about the autonomy

Your electric vehicle can be recharged as easily as a smartphone! On a public charging station or on a domestic socket directly at home. The 2 charging cables are in the boot. At the start of the rental, your Europcar adviser will accompany you to the vehicle and explain everything to you.

See our tips and mini tutorials videos for a fantastic electric experience!