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1 Rue Hubert Pennevert ZI des Soeurs, 17300 ROCHEFORT
4.7   -  160 Customer Reviews
Alexandre Nicolas
Alexandre Nicolas Manager Europcar Rochefort
Alexandre Nicolas Manager Europcar Rochefort

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  • Monday to Friday : 8-12am et 2-7pm
  • Saturday : 8-12am et 2-6.30pm

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  • Highway exit 32 Rochefort Nord

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160 Customer Reviews

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A city with an ancient maritime tradition

Located in a loop of the Charente, a few kilometers from the coast, the city of Rochefort was born from the will of the Sun King to build in this place the most beautiful military and maritime arsenal of the Ponant.
Since the departure of the French Navy, Rochefort has been converted into a tourist town thanks to its elegant 17th century architecture, its lively cultural life, its numerous markets, its spa and its maritime heritage which is unique in the world: the Corderie Royale, the construction site of the Hermione, the Marine Hospital, the Garden of Returns ...

A city of nature

Rochefort is built in the middle of a unique space, a territory of marshes and peninsulas, punctuated by the Charente, populated by birds. A paradise for bird watchers.
Above the Charente, between Rochefort and Echillais, stands the last transporter bridge in France.

The Marennes-Oléron country

Covering an area of ​​175 km², Oléron is the largest of the French islands on the Atlantic coast. Easily accessible from Rochefort, the island of Oléron combines with happiness leisure, heritage, nature, with the unmissable sites of the “Marais aux oiseaux” in Dolus and the “Port des Salines” in Grand-Village, and of course gastronomy with the famous oysters from Marennes-Oléron, the only French oysters to benefit from the red label.

Discover Rochefort and the Marennes-Oléron country behind the wheel of a Europcar rental car.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How much does a car rental cost on average in the Europcar Rochefort agency ?

A rental car in Rochefort costs on average 48€ per day.

Can I rent a specific vehicle model?

Yes. Europcar Rochefort offers guaranteed models. You can book a specific model as you wish.

How many Europcar rental agencies are in the department of Charente-Maritime ?

14 rental agencies are at your disposal in the department of Charente-Maritime, in Rochefort, in Marans, in La Rochelle railway station, in La Rochelle airport, in La Rochelle Périgny, in Surgères, in Royan, in Oléron - Aérodrome du Bois Fleury, in Oléron - Port de Boyardville, in Dolus d'Oléron, in Etaules, in La Palmyre, in Saintes and in Jonzac.

What types of vans do you offer for a move?

Europcar Rochefort offers 7 capacities of vans for moving. The most rented vans in our agency are 10m312m3 and 14m3.

What is the most popular range of vehicles in the Europcar Rochefort agency ?

The most rented car on the Europcar Rochefort agency is the category Economy 5 doors suitable for short rides.

How is the Europcar Rochefort agency rated?

The Europcar Rochefort agency is rated 4.7 on 5 with 160 customer comments.

What are the cancellation conditions?

The amount of the rental will be fully refunded if you cancel more than 48 hours before the rental is due to begin. After that time, you will be charged of 50€ or 100€ (depending on the category of the vehicle).

Should I refuel on my return?

Yes, we recommend that you go to the petrol pump before returning the vehicle. If the vehicle is not full, we will charge you for the missing fuel. You can also pre-purchase a full tank of fuel: whatever the level of the tank on your return, you will not have to pay anything.

Do I need a special license to drive commercial vehicles?

No. All our vans are driven with a simple car license (license B in France).

Is there a deposit when picking up the vehicle?

Yes. A deposit of 500 € will be asked you at the departure. It is just a pre-payment authorisation. It will not be charged.
This deposit aims to cover any additional costs during the rental. 

What is the telephone number of the Europcar Rochefort agency?

The telephone number of the Europcar Rochefort agency is: 05 46 87 34 22.

What is the address of the Europcar Rochefort agency?

The address of the Europcar Rochefort agency is 1 rue Hubert Pennevert - ZI des Soeurs - 17300 Rochefort.

I rent frequently. What advantages can I benefit from?

The Europcar Rochefort agency offers a loyalty offer called “Véhicule Idéal” which allows you to benefit from a reduction of -20% to -30% on public prices. This offer is available from 25 rental days per year.

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