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Car & van rental agency Europcar Nozay

Garage Peugeot de la Pierre Bleue Route d'Abbaretz, 44170 NOZAY
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M. et Mme Ferre
M. et Mme Ferre Managers Europcar Nozay
M. et Mme Ferre Managers Europcar Nozay

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  • Monday - friday : 9am-12am & 2pm-6pm
  • Closed on saturday & after holiday

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The garage also offers a TOTAL gas station and is located near the DIA discount shop.

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Nozay, city of the Blue Stone

Crossroads of several important axes connecting Rennes to Nantes and Laval to Saint-Nazaire, the town of Nozay is nicknamed the city of Pierre Bleue. The city is in fact the cradle of several schist quarries, a bluish stone which dresses many local buildings, both manors and more modest houses, fountains, fences or even bridges.
This Nozean peculiarity is worth a visit to the former shale mining site, in order to discover the know-how of the region's former stonemasons and quarrymen.

Nozay, a territory inhabited since prehistoric times

Besides its industrial heritage, Nozay also has a remarkable built heritage, the oldest remains of which date back to the Neolithic period. Among the sites not to be missed, we note the Menhir de Couëbrac, a quartz megalith 2.80m high, the medieval church of Saint-Pierre-aux-Liens in Vieux-Bourg and the Château de la Touche. These three places are also classified historical monuments.

The opportunity for a nice getaway behind the wheel of a Europcar Atlantique rental car.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I rent a specific vehicle model?

Yes. Europcar Nozay offers guaranteed models. You can book a specific model as you wish.

How many Europcar rental agencies are in the north of Nantes ?

4 rental agencies are at your disposal in the north of Nantes, in Nozay, in Ancenis and in Châteaubriant.

What types of vans do you offer for a move?

Europcar Nozay offers 7 capacities of vans for moving. The most rented vans in our agency are 6m312m3 and 14m3.

What is the most popular range of vehicles in the Europcar Nozay agency ?

The most rented car on the Europcar Nozay agency is the category 9-seater Minivan, very popular with families, associations and groups of friends.


What are the cancellation conditions?

The amount of the rental will be fully refunded if you cancel more than 48 hours before the rental is due to begin. After that time, you will be charged of 50€ or 100€ (depending on the category of the vehicle).

Should I refuel on my return?

Yes, we recommend that you go to the petrol pump before returning the vehicle. If the vehicle is not full, we will charge you for the missing fuel. You can also pre-purchase a full tank of fuel: whatever the level of the tank on your return, you will not have to pay anything.

Do I need a special license to drive commercial vehicles?

No. All our vans are driven with a simple car license (license B in France).

Is there a deposit when picking up the vehicle?

Yes. A deposit of 500 € will be asked you at the departure. It is just a pre-payment authorisation. It will not be charged.
This deposit aims to cover any additional costs during the rental.  

What is the telephone number of the Europcar Nozay agency?

The telephone number of the Europcar Nozay agency is: 02 40 28 33 00.

What is the address of the Europcar Nozay agency?

The address of the Europcar Nozay agency is Garage Peugeot de la Pierre Bleue - Route d'Abbaretz - 44170 Nozay.

I rent frequently. What advantages can I benefit from?

The Europcar Nozay agency offers a loyalty offer called “Véhicule Idéal” which allows you to benefit from a reduction of -20% to -30% on public prices. This offer is available from 25 rental days per year.

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