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Book stressless !

You are fully refunded in case of cancellation until 48h before departure !

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The contract number is an 8-digit code reserved for beneficiaries of a national tariff agreement.

Change your mind... It's free in your Europcar Atlantique agencies !

An unforeseen, some cancelled holidays or a delayed departure ? No need to justify !
Regardless the reason of your cancellation, we fully refund you until 48 hours before departure.
That, too, is Europcar Atlantique Quality service !

So do not hesitate anymore ! Book online in advance to get the best price ! 100% zen !

How does it works ?

You need to cancel your booking ?

  • Log in to your customer account at least 48 hours before departure
  • Section BOOKINGS
  • Click on DELETE
  • You are fully refunded within 7 days on the credit card you used for the booking 
The free cancellation until 48 hours before departure is really useful for me ! I book all my travels a long time before departure to get good prices and, if my I change my plans, I cancel easily.
Sam T. Client of Nantes Airport