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Welcome to families

Reduced prices for children's equipment

The safety of your child, it does not have price !
With Europcar Atlantique, take your whole tribe with you, without spending money thanks to our small prices on all child equipments.

Book a car with a child seat
From 3€ only

The right equipment for each age !

Before the age of 10, a child must travel in a seat adapted to his age, morpholgy and weight. 

Baby baskets, child seats or even booster seats, it's not very easy to understand.
Moreover, these essential equipments  can quickly increase the holiday budget for families...

Fortunately, that was before !

At Europcar Atlantique, we have deciphered everything for you.
And, as good news never comes alone, we have decided to lower our prices permanently.

Nos conseils
  • Babies from 0 to 8 months : Opt for the baby basket
    Indispensable for comfortably transporting baby and keeping him in an optimal position while respecting his sleep.

  • Children from 9 to 18 kg (9 months to 4 years old approx.) : Choose the child seat
    Perfect for keeping your little ones at the back in a seated position, making them travel comfortably.

  • Children from 15 to 36 kg (4 to 10 years old approx.) :  Go to the booster seat
    Which simply elevates your kids so they can fasten their seatbealt on their own and admire the scenery throw the window. Like "grown ups"!

New prices !


Baby basket 6€/day

instead of 14€


Child seat 6€/day

instead of 13€


Booster seat 3€/day

instead of 8€

All our equiments are approved and certified to comply with European safety standards.
And, to ensure perfect hygienic conditions, child seats are delivered with a disposable protective cover in its packaging.
This is also the little extra Europcar Atlantique 😉 !