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Follow the professional's tips !

The professional's tips to save money !

  • Rent during the week, it is always cheaper ! Get a better price moving from Monday to Friday.
  • Anticipate as much as possible ! The earlier you book, the lower the rates.
  • Avoid one-way trips ! Bringing the van back to the departure agency will always be cheaper than leaving the vehicle at another agency. Do the simulation on our website.
As soon as possible

Book your moving van and your moving accessories on to get the best price !

With nearly 1000 vehicles in the fleet, there is bound to be the one you need in our Europcar Atlantique agencies. Choose from the whole range!

You are leaving a studio or an apartment ? Choose our 6, 10 or 12m3 moving vans.
Do you have more room to move? Leave in 14, 22 or even 30m3 moving van for an XXL loading space ! 

The most ? All our moving vans drive with a simple driving licence.

30 days before

Recruit friends (... and arms!) for the D-Day

One month before your moving date, it's time to have a clear-out and start the preparation of your cardboard boxes. Wrap and protect the most fragile items with newspaper and/or bubble wrap before packaging them. Fill the boxes evenly and compactly. Don't put all your heavy items in the same box. Distribute them fairly !

And, if you need to block a parking space to park the van right in front of your house, contact the police or your town hall now.

The professional's tips

  • Write on each cardboard boxe its destination room (bedroom, dining room, etc.). You will save precious time when you unpacking !
  • Put the word FRAGILE on the boxes to be handled with care.
7 days before

It's time fo administrative formalities...

Take the lead and contact the main organizations to change your address : La Poste, energy supplier, bank, social security system, telephone and internet operator, insurance company, etc...

The D-Day

Go to your Europcar Atlantique agency to pick up your moving van

Guaranteed timesaver at the counter if you made your booking online. In just a few minutes you leave behind the wheel of your van !

The professional's tips

  • Think of the lifting tailgate that will allow you to effortlessly load your heaviest items.
  • Load the largest items first and strap them to the walls.
  • The bed (dismantled!) at the back of the van to not encroach on the loading space (mattress then bed base). Then climb up the furnitures, sofas and big household appliances.
  • Then place the heaviest cardboard boxes on the ground and use the height for the lightest ones. Of course, avoid piling up fragile boxes.
  • Watch out the overloading ! Respect the maximum payload displayed on the windscreen.