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Roulez sans carburant...

Louez un véhicule 100% électrique !

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The contract number is an 8-digit code reserved for beneficiaries of a national tariff agreement.

In response to environmental challenges and regulatory requirements, Europcar Atlantique is embarking on the electrification of its fleet, with an ambitious target of 50% electric vehicles by the end of 2030. You too, join the movement and choose electric for a greener and cheaper way to move !

  • Zero CO2 emissions, exhaust gases or hydrocarbon smoke
  • More savings at the station

I booked a thermic car online, but, at the departure, the agent offered me to try an electric car for the same price. I agreed for the experience and I loved it ! Driving is quiet, very fluent and pleasant. Next time, I'll book an electric, for sure !

Nicolas L.